Lend Lease Japan
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Onjuku, Japan 2012

Lend Lease
2014 Tokyo, Japan

Global property and construction firm Lend Lease commissioned BAKOKO to renovate the executive board room and reception facilities in their Tokyo headquarters, bringing them in line with new service offerings for VIP clientele. A modern and luxurious ‘executive’ ambience was sought, whilst retaining a feel of local authenticity.

Japan’s strict fire safety regulations, typically prevent the use of natural wooden finishes in multi-story office buildings. However, the team resourcefully overcame this constraint. In the boardroom, natural ash veneers were laminated onto unburnable panels, which clad the built-in housings for displays, lighting, and a small concealed bar.

Elsewhere, vertical slats, of specially treated nonflammable Japanese cedar line the walls of the entry hall and lounge, producing an inviting woody aroma. Indirect illumination conveys the impression of lightness and enhances wayfinding. A slatted door slides to enclose the client lounge, thus doubling its utility as either waiting or private meeting space.

The firm’s umbrella-like emblem inspired the multi-hued mobile that hovers over the curved conference table. Benches in the lounge and boardroom are upholstered in similarly varying shades of red. The side benches in the board room provide auxiliary seating for those notating important meetings or for informal asides.
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